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What Are Cookies

Like most professional websites, this site uses cookies—small files downloaded to your computer—to enhance your browsing experience. This page explains the information cookies collect, how we utilize it, and the reasons behind storing these cookies. Additionally, we provide instructions on how you can prevent cookies from being stored; however, please note that doing so may result in a reduction of certain features and functionalities on the site.


How We Use Cookies

We employ cookies for various purposes, as outlined below. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no industry-standard options to disable cookies without entirely compromising the site’s functionality and the additional features they provide. If you are uncertain whether you require cookies for a specific service you use, it is advisable to keep them enabled.


Disabling Cookies

You can adjust your browser settings to prevent cookies from being set (refer to your browser’s Help section for instructions). Please be aware that disabling cookies may impact the functionality of this website, as well as many others you visit. Disabling cookies usually leads to the deactivation of specific features and functionalities on this site.

Therefore, it is recommended not to disable cookies. This Cookies Policy was generated with the assistance of Cookie Policy’s Cookies Policy Generator.

The Cookies We Set

·         Account-related cookies

When you create an account with us, cookies are used to manage the signup process and handle general administration. Typically, these cookies are deleted upon logging out. However, in certain cases, they may persist to retain your site preferences while logged out.


·         Login-related cookies

To remember your login status and prevent the need for logging in on every new page visit, we utilize cookies when you are logged in. These cookies are usually cleared or removed upon logging out to ensure restricted features and areas are accessible only when logged in.


·         Email newsletters-related cookies

If you opt for newsletter or email subscription services, cookies may be employed to remember your registration status and display relevant notifications exclusively to subscribed or unsubscribed users.


·         Orders processing-related cookies

To facilitate proper processing of your orders across multiple pages, essential cookies are utilized to ensure order information is remembered.


·         Forms-related cookies

When you submit data through forms present on contact or comment pages, cookies may be set to store your user details for future correspondence.


·         Third-Party Cookies

In certain special cases, trusted third-party cookies are used. The subsequent section elaborates on the third-party cookies that you may encounter while browsing this site.

Google Analytics is employed on this site, representing one of the most widely used and reliable analytics solutions available, aimed at enhancing your browsing experience by helping us understand site usage patterns. These cookies may track information such as the duration of your site visit and the specific pages accessed, enabling us to generate engaging content.

 For further details regarding Google Analytics cookies, please refer to the official Google Analytics page.

Periodically, we conduct testing and implement subtle changes to improve site delivery. During such testing phases, cookies may be employed to ensure consistent user experiences and to ascertain user preferences regarding optimization. As we engage in product sales, it is vital for us to comprehend statistics such as the number of visitors who make purchases, as this data enables accurate business predictions and aids in monitoring advertising and product costs to offer the best possible prices.

Additionally, social media buttons and/or plugins are integrated into this site to enable connection with various social networks in different ways. These social media sites, including may set cookies through our site to enhance your social profile or contribute to the data they gather for purposes described in their respective privacy policies.

 More Information

We hope this information has clarified any concerns you may have had. As previously mentioned, if you are unsure whether you require certain cookies, it is generally advisable to keep them enabled in case they are necessary for the features you utilize on our site.

For more comprehensive information on cookies, please read the “Cookies” article available through the Privacy Policy Generator.

Should you seek further information, you can contact us using one of our preferred contact methods:



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