Nimz Career College understands that there may be situations where students may feel dissatisfied and wish to lodge a complaint. In the event that a situation cannot be resolved with the appropriate individual there is a formal complaint process students may go through.

Should a student have a complaint or dispute in relation to their studies, instructor, program, staff, or other students they should submit a formal complaint as per the procedure outlined below.

The complaint must be filed with the appropriate party:

·         Academic (program, curriculum, instructor, schedule, etc.) – Academic Dean

·         Admissions (contract, enrollment, etc.) – Admissions Director

·         Administrative Staff (any administrative staff at the college) – Campus President

Student complaints must be made in writing and provided to the appropriate party within 30 days of the incident occurring. Students should provide all details of the incident including a detailed description, the location, any person(s) who witnessed, etc. 

Once a complaint is made in writing, students may also make oral submissions and are entitled to have another person present throughout the complaint process and/or to make oral submissions on behalf of the student

Once a complaint is filed, Nimz Career College has 14 days to respond in writing, with a resolution identifying the decision, and including reasons that the decision is based on.  

If the Complaint is in regards to the campus president, students may contact the Chair Board Of Directors.

If not satisfied, a student may file an appeal within 30 days of the response of Nimz Career College. A request to be heard by an appeal review board must be made in writing to the campus president. The student may bring representation at the review and may bring additional information to support their case. A written decision of the appeal board will be provided to the student within 14 days.

Nimz Career College will maintain a record of every student complaint at the location where it originated for a period of at least three years from the date of the decision, including a copy of the student complaint, and any submissions filed and the decision.

Nimz Career College will provide the student with a copy of the complaint, any submissions filed and the decision made.

If the student is not satisfied with the college’s efforts, students may take the complaint to the superintendent of private career colleges through the PARIS Registration System

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